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Fit to Lead

Optimising human performance for substantial growth in the workplace with our 6 month immersive health-focused leadership performance program.

Cutting edge leadership performance.

Fit to Lead is a groundbreaking program born from a partnership between Bluebird Leadership, Boncentric, and Club Crux. Together, we present a program that is truly first of its kind in the market, designed to elevate leadership skills and transform overall performance.

Combining the expertise of Bluebird Leadership, the unique insights of Boncentric, and the personalised approach of Club Crux, our program is a collaborative effort to enhance leadership development and promote holistic well-being. With a focus on leadership development modules, comprehensive health screens, and personalised health and fitness programs, Fit to Lead is tailored to your company's unique needs and goals.


Our teams of experts are dedicated to working with your company to create a program that supports growth as a leader, promotes optimal health, and maximises potential for success. Together, we empower your leaders to power up their performance, elevate their leadership, and thrive in their roles.

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Our approach.

Fit to Lead is the ultimate solution for busy leaders who want to optimise their performance and well-being. Our holistic approach to mental, emotional, and physical well-being is designed prevent stress and burnout and provide leaders with the tools they need to thrive in their roles. With a unique combination of exercise, healthy habits, and core self-leadership skills, our program is tailored to help leaders reach their full potential effortlessly. 

Our program provides leaders with:

  • A comprehensive understanding of their physical health.

  • A structured program for exercise, nutrition, and overall well-being.

  • Skills to foster a growth mindset by equipping leaders with the necessary skills to overcome challenges, avoid burnout, and reduce stress.

  • A personal toolkit for developing resilient strategies and practices to overcome obstacles and cultivate a thriving life.

Research at the core.

Research is at the core of our approach, where science and evidence-based practices inform and shape our program, ensuring that we deliver effective solutions to meet your needs. Our commitment to rigorous analysis and scientific insights empowers us to make informed decisions, backed by factual evidence. Studies have shown that physical health had a direct correlation to mental health and cognitive performance (e.g. decision making, productivity and creativity).

Program structure.

Fit to Lead is a comprehensive leadership performance program designed to help leaders elevate their skills to the next level.


The program consists of six themes which are delivered through leadership-focused modules and health and fitness programs, each tailored to develop the necessary skills and strategies to become an effective leader in today's fast-paced world.


Each module builds upon the previous one and is focused on developing key skills and behaviours that are essential for effective leadership performance.

Month one


Develop strong foundations for physical health and fitness, wellbeing and leadership performance.

Month two

Building Momentum

Build momentum and develop strategies for overcoming obstacles and staying motivated through shifting mindsets and behaviour change. 

Month three

Accelerating Progress

Build techniques for accelerating your leadership performance
and increase intensity increases to build strength and endurance.

Month four

Sustaining Success

Strategies for improving mental and physical health, wellbeing and achieving leadership goals.

Month five

Building Resilience

Develop strategies for managing stress, maintaining focus, and staying positive in the face of adversity.

Month six

Continuous Growth

Develop a long-term plan for maintaining leadership focus, health and fitness, including setting new goals and establishing sustainable habits.

Interested in Fit to Lead for your organisation?

Book a strategy call, send us an email or contact us for more information.


With a powerful combination of expertise, Bluebird Leadership, Boncentric and Club Crux bring you a comprehensive and innovative approach to leadership performance, health and wellbeing.

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