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April Flight Path: Daily DOSE of happiness and happy climate hacks 😊

Newsletter, April 2023

I wanted to bring attention to something special that happened this April. It was a rare convergence of religious celebrations, including Easter, Passover, Ramadan and Eid, and Buddhist New Year - which only occurs three times in a century!

This should be a time of joy and celebration of diversity and our collective humanity. Despite this wonderful occasion, it's hard to ignore the fact that there is still a lot of conflict and uncertainty in the world, which can bring us down. So this month, I've curated flight path of things that bring me joy and happiness, and I wanted to share them with you. 

How to feng shui your fridge and other happy climate hacks

You know what's worse than missing out on your favourite beef 🍔and prawn 🦐dishes? Feeling like you're the only one sacrificing for the environment!

I tried to give up these delicious steaks, hamburgers and garlic prawns to reduce my carbon footprint because of the detrimental impacts on the environment, but it felt like I was the only one with FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). It's like trying to dance alone at a party where everyone's munching on meat and shrimp cocktails. But hey, every small action counts, right?

Perhaps we've been looking at this all wrong. What if taking action on climate change could actually make us happier? In a thought-provoking TED Talk, Jiaying Zhao, a behavioural scientist, argues that the only way to achieve lasting, sustainable change is by linking climate action to happiness.  From treat meals to feng shui fridges, she offers eight life hacks to lower your carbon emissions while increasing your joy and fulfilment. 

Unlocking Happiness: How to get your daily DOSE of happy chemicals

Did you know that happiness is not just a state of mind, but something that can be chemically induced in our brains?

There are chemicals in our brain that can influence our mood and emotions, and knowing how to trigger them can help us feel happier and more fulfilled. Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins (commonly referred to as DOSE) are the four primary chemicals that play a crucial role in regulating our moods and emotions. Understanding these chemicals and their role in our happiness is essential for developing strategies to boost them... read more

Podcast that brings joy and happiness 🎧

I am a fan of Simon Sinek's work and have been listening to his podcast A Bit of Optimism for a few seasons now. Each episode brings me joy and a smile as he shares his insights and perspectives. 

This is a short joyful episode from the NUDGE podcast that will make you chuckle. We all assume we’re better at our jobs than others. In this episode, host Phil Agnew and best-selling author Will Storr discuss into the science behind overconfidence. They discuss confirmation bias, status, capitalism, communism, and why 100s of NUDGE listeners say they’re above-average cooks. Spoiler alert.. we are all overconfident. 

What I am reading (or listening to) 📖

I recently listened to Playful Rebellion by Gary Ware on Audible as part of the Culture Amp Culture First Book Club. This is a playbook for unlocking creativity, connection, and joy in an age of overwork and burnout. It was a delightful listen and Gary offer strategies on how we can bring more play into our work. 

Quote I'm pondering 💬

"Restoration of the planet will come out of transformation in human consciousness"

Dale Carnegie 

I hope this was helpful and sparked some insights. I would love to hear your thoughts! 

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