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Practices for leaders to avoid burnout

18 January 2022

It’s only mid January and 11 days into the working year and already I am feeling the strains of work, living through the ongoing pandemic and yet another wave, preparing for a new school year for my son and online schooling.

It’s important that during these times of stress and uncertainty, we maintain our personal energy to sustain wellbeing and performance. Research indicates burnout has skyrocketed and other health issues are on the rise.

A recent survey from Korn Ferry indicates that:

  • 57% of workers reported feeling greater anxiety

  • 54% said they are more emotionally exhausted

  • 72% of workers reported that they are currently burnt out, compared to 42% last year.

So how can we keep our energy levels up? In my experience, when my personal energy levels are high, I am more motivated, engaged, creative and productive.

To maintain our personal energy and reserves, this article highlights five ways to support and build personal energy and below are some of my personal strategies:


Practicing mindfulness and meditation so that I am present under pressure and can respond rather than react.


Seeing adversity through a growth lens and learning from difficult situations.

Social connection

Maintaining social connections with my network (even virtually) and practicing gratitude.


Living my purpose or making steps towards it.

Healthy Habits

Making conscious choices and maintaining healthy habits when it comes to nutrition, sleep, exercise and work.

Over the next 5 weeks I will deep dive into each one and provide some practical strategies and tips on the 5 ways to boost and maintain your personal energy.

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