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The Stockdale Paradox

7 April 2020

Last weekend, I dusted off my old copy of Jim Collins’ best seller Good to Great after hearing it mentioned on a few of my favourite podcasts recently.

In this book, he introduced us to the Stockdale Paradox, a mindset that you must never give up, yet you should confront the brutal facts of your situation. This is the mindset needed to survive a challenging situation and it’s so relevant right now.

The Stockdale Paradox is the ability to acknowledge your situation and balance optimism with realism.

Todd Henry’s latest episode of The Accidental Creative, Protecting Your Mindset During This Season refers to the Stockdale Paradox and he shares 3 strategies on how we can be both realistic and optimistic at the same time during covid19 so that we can “stay curious, stay hopeful and stay creative.”

1. Set small goals and hit them – setting small incremental goals make you feel like you’re progressing, rather aiming for big goals that are harder to achieve.

2. Engage in unnecessary creating - make something just for yourself. Lose yourself in the flow of creativity – music, cooking, arts, crafts, writing etc.

3. Take time to connect with others – it’s important to get outside of yourself and connect with others and offer encouragement and give back.

Link: The Accidental Creative, Protecting Your Mindset During This Season

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