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April Flight Path: Your individual actions matter

Newsletter, April 2024

April has beckoned us to both reflect and take decisive action. With Earth Day and Earth Month taking center stage, the discourse around environmental sustainability has been amplified. Yet, as we pause to acknowledge these occasions, it's crucial to recognise that mere awareness is not enough. We have to do more, individually and collectively.

Did you know the Earth is now well outside of the safe operating space for humanity? Humans have crossed 6 out of 9 planetary boundaries.

In this edition, we'll explore what you can do individually and be to become a catalyst for change, no matter your sphere of influence. I urge you to push beyond your comfort zone for the future of our planet and future generations.

You can make a difference


In a world brimming with possibilities, your actions hold the power to shape a brighter tomorrow. I recently wrote an article for Earth Day, outlining four impactful ways to make a difference not just on Earth Day but every day. One of the crucial avenue lies in our personal behavior and the choices we make.

Pictured above is the Atacama Desert in Chile - a place I have visited several times. It is a bucket list destination, a vast dry terrain with azure salt lakes, otherworldly dunes and endless blue skies. It is now also home to your unwanted $20 shirt that you may bought on a whim and represents the intrusion of our consumer culture.

Did you know that the fashion industry, driven by our consumption habits, stands as one of the primary contributors to plastic pollution? It's time to confront the unsustainable practices inherent in fast fashion and make conscious choices to mitigate its ecological footprint.

Here are actionable steps you can take to distance yourself from the fast fashion cycle:

📚 Do your research and change your habits

♻️ Opt for ethically made clothing and sustainable materials

👗 Invest in timeless pieces - choose slow fashion

🔃 Organise a clothing swap or buy second-hand

Each mindful choice you make serves as a ripple in the vast ocean of change. Read the full article here.

I am co-host of a new podcast

This wasn't in my business plan for 2024 but I am so glad I said "Yes" to the Alan Taylor and Mik Aidt to collaborate on this podcast project, The Business Revolution.

We share a passion to champion a circular and decarbonised economy and foster a business culture of honesty, transparency, and care in the workplace. We're on a mission to explore the vibrant green transformation which is beginning to shake up the business world.

Our second episode with guest Belinda Noble from Comms Declare is out now. We discuss the concept of greenwashing and share wonderful insights on understanding greenwashing and how to avoid it.

What I am listening to 🎧

This thought-provoking podcast episode. Where on Earth will people live in the future? by TED Climate explores the future of human habitation with global strategist Parag Khanna. As humanity grapples with climate disruption and societal shifts, Khanna offers insights into the resurgence of nomadic lifestyles and the evolving landscape of where and how we will reside and contemplate the implications of mobility.

For leaders and organisations looking to adapt to these changing dynamics, exploring mobility policies will be paramount. How can businesses navigate the evolving landscape of where their employees work and live?

What I am reading 📖

TextI am currently reading You Matter More Than You Think by Karen O'Brien for the Sustainable Shift book club. It is a compelling read that serves as a guiding light in our collective journey and our individual roles in shaping a more sustainable future and how respond to global crisis.

Quote I'm pondering 💬

“Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act.”

Albert Einstein

I hope this was helpful and sparked some insights. I would love to hear your thoughts! 

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