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Bringing wonder into your daily routine

26 October 2021

We live in a world of distractions and multitasking. We're obsessed with busyness and productivity and wear it like a badge of honor but our most impactful work requires deep focus and creativity.

This week in my podcasts, I came across Jeffrey Davis' work wonder. Coming into this world we were born with wonder and imagination and somewhere along the way, we lost this skill.

Weather you're feeling overwhelmed with deadlines, disconnected from work, feeling fatigued, unable to focus or reactive, Davis says it's a signal that your frontal cortex has been overtaxed and experiences of wonder can:

  • Foster reconnection to our work by renewing our energy and improving our ability to solve problems.

  • Help us feel more connected to co-workers, strengthening our empathy and ability to collaborate.

It only takes a few minutes of deliberately cultivating wonder to make a positive impact on our work.

Below are some techniques from Davis to bring wonder or "wonder intervention" into the workday:

Wonder walk

Recharge with a 10-minute “wonder walk.” Head outdoors without a destination, absorbing the sensations around you and finding delight in noticing mundane details.

Pause Gaze Praise

On your wonder walk, or even while you’re sitting at your desk, take 10 breaths to pause. Look away from what you’re focusing on, letting your gaze fall upon something ordinary. Simply let your eyes soften and receive the thing without thinking about it. Then, take a moment to formulate a few words of praise for that object.

Reflective intervention

Pause, write down, and share three highlights from the day. They could be small, seemingly marginal moments, such as a sensory detail, or something someone said that shifted something for you. This is a good practice to have at the end of the workday.

Jeffrey Davis' new book Tracking Wonder - Reclaiming a Life of Meaning and Possibility in a World Obsessed with Productivity is out this month and links to his web site and the podcast in the comments below.

Jeffrey Davis' web site

Pivot Method Podcast with Jenny Blake

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