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June Flight Path: Cultivating sustainable and fulfilling workplaces

Newsletter, June 2024

Welcome (back)! We're excited to have you join us on this journey towards creating thriving ecosystems – vibrant, interconnected environments where individuals, teams, and organisations can flourish. This issue we'll explore how to create workplaces where both people and planet thrive.

The human sustainability imperative

The great resignation, quiet quitting and now, the burnout epidemic. It’s clear that work as we know it, isn’t working for many. People are feeling fatigued and unfulfilled with work. In a recent survey conducted by Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning 45% of respondents reported feeling stressed or burned out at least once a week.

Research also shows a staggering disconnect between what leaders think is happening and the reality of employee well-being. To thrive, organisations must shift their focus from extracting value from people to nurturing their well-being and potential. It’s time for a new approach – one that prioritises human sustainability.

We see sustainability as a holistic concept, encompassing both people and planet. We believe that thriving organisations are built on a foundation of thriving individuals. And just as we strive for environmental sustainability, we must also prioritise human sustainability.

In our latest article, we dive into three key strategies for creating a more sustainable workplace:

  1. Measure what truly matters

  2. Close the knowing-doing gap

  3. Practice true human-centered leadership

New podcast episode 🎙️

Tune into The Business Revolution as we chat with Michael Sheldrick, author of the new book From Ideas to Impact: A Playbook for Influencing and Implementing Change in a Divided World.

We tackle the crucial question of how to move from ideas to impact and the importance of employee activism, corporate advocacy, collaboration, and honest leadership in driving positive change.

Quote I'm pondering 💬

"The role you play as a leader is helping people experience relatedness at work: caring about and feeling cared about, feeling connected without ulterior motives, and contributing to something greater than oneself."

Sarah Fowler

I hope this was helpful and sparked some insights. I would love to hear your thoughts! 

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