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Leadership learning agility

Learning agility both individually and at the organisational level is paramount right now as we navigate our way through a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world.

When individuals display learning agility, organisational agility follows and drives performance.

Learning agility is the ability and willingness to learn from experience and apply those lessons to perform effectively in new and different situations.

While learning agility can be an innate skill that comes naturally for some people, it can be developed.

According to Research by the Centre for Creative Leadership, you can unlock this skill intentionally by developing these 4 behaviours:


Intentional willingness to expose yourself to new situations, experiences and make room for opportunities.

Sense making

Learn from experiences, experimenting and questioning everything by asking “Why?” or “How might we..?”


Finding time to reflect and seeking feedback are critical for deepening insight and building self-awareness.


Accessing principles and knowledge previous experiences and applying them to navigate new and challenging situations.

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