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Tips for long haul business travel

2 March 2022

Long haul business travel can be hard on your health and wellbeing. Working long hours across time zones, not eating properly, not getting enough sleep, not exercising and generally not having the time to recharge can have an impact.

Last year I managed to get sick on most of my international business trips, so I decided to make changes to look after myself physically and mentally. To remain focused, energised and healthy, I focus on:


It’s easy to skip meals or worse, eat crappy food. I now pack protein bars so that if I am out at site, stuck in meetings or don’t have suitable options then I have a healthy snack to keep me going, especially trying to find a gluten free meal in a remote town in the middle of nowhere is challenging.


I'm not fan of hotel gyms, so I make sure I have a walk daily. It’s also an opportunity to check out the local culture and get some fresh air and enjoy beautiful moments like this sunset in Antofagasta, Chile last week.


This is key for me as I don’t function well on less than 6 hours of sleep. I make sure that I sleep at every opportunity, especially on long days. Sleep meditations help me prepare for a restful slumber and switch off.

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